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Reduce your heating bills by 8% thanks to Thermocill™

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

An innovative window sill manufactured in Lancashire is about to be commercialised across the UK.

As energy companies are hiking their tariffs, British households are encouraged once again to switch energy providers to keep their bills in check. While shopping around for the best deal is certainly a good idea, consumers should also consider reducing their energy use by purchasing an energy saving window sill called Thermocill™.

The slim and adjustable window sill manufactured in Blackburn in Lancashire can be easily fitted underneath a standard window board. It sucks up warm air mechanically from radiators and drives it upwards, creating a wall of warm air in front of window panes. Thanks to Thermocill™, heat loss through windows is reduced and rooms warm up 19% faster.

A sustainable and affordable energy saving solution

The new energy saving product is entirely made of recycled nylon and packed in recycled cardboard boxes. It is sold as a pack fit for a 3 bedroom house. Available to purchase for £250 from April, Thermocill™ is one of the more affordable energy saving devices available on the market.

The barely noticeable window sill is a result of 3 years of research and development. It’s been tested by scientists from Salford and Manchester universities, as well as certified by the Energy Saving Trust, an independent organisation giving advice to households on the most effective ways to reduce their energy use.

The Energy Saving Trust has confirmed that Thermocill™ can save up to 8% on the total heating of a 3 bedroom house or £93 per year on average. It means that households can expect a return on investment on Thermocill™ after just over 2 and a half years.

A versatile window sill that reduces damp

The innovative window sill - invented by Wigan award-winning entrepreneur Keith Rimmer, creator of the EcoPod, an eco-friendly heating system installed on the top of tall buildings - is a great asset for any house retrofit project. Easy to install and affordable, it is very well suited to social housing energy efficiency improvement schemes. It can also be fitted in houses equipped with heat pumps as well as listed properties.

Last but not least, Thermocill™ has been proven to be an efficient solution against damp. By reducing condensation and moisture on windows, the made in the UK window sill improves indoor air quality.

In short, not only can households save hundreds of pounds on their heating bill in a matter of a few years thanks to Thermocill™ but they can also enjoy more comfortable and healthier homes and play their part in the decarbonisation of the UK housing stock - a crucial step towards limiting climate change and achieving Net Zero carbon by 2050.

To find out more about Thermocill, check out our website here.

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