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Thermocill and it's Many Benefits from Health to Home

Updated: May 5, 2021

At Thermocill, we’re incredibly proud to have created a new, revolutionary product that will become a staple in every UK home in the UK and beyond.

Installing Thermocill into your home has a major positive impact and many benefits, from the home environment to your mental and physical health.

Our product is designed to reduce the level of cold air entering the house and minimises the level of warm air being lost through the window. This allows your home to remain consistently at the desired temperature for your body to feel satisfied with the thermal environment, providing the desired level of thermal comfort continuously.

Unsure what is thermal comfort and how it affects your health/home? Read our blog post here.

Installing Thermocill also reduces condensation in the home preventing problems such as damp, moisture and mould that can lead to devastating effects such as bronchitis and lung disease. Our product also provides proper and consistent ventilation in the home. Ventilation at home is the key component to maintaining proper indoor air quality.

Having all these elements working properly and being optimised to their highest potential keeps the home occupants healthy, comfortable and productive.

Learn more about our product, the scientific evidence and how to fit via our product page.

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