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This is where it all started...


The eureka moment for Thermocill came when Keith Rimmer called at a friend’s home for a cup of tea.

Keith revealed: “I was sitting in the lounge. It was a cold night and I was looking towards the window and noticed the vertical blinds moving. My friend asked ‘What’s up Keith?’ and I just blurted ‘I’ve got an idea!’

He added: “I could see the convection of warm air from the radiator was trying to get to the window but it couldn’t get there because of the width of the window board and the direction of the heat flow. I went to my car and got my digital thermometer and took some readings around the window area and within 10 minutes I had the idea for Thermocill firmly fixed in my head.”


Keith Rimmer is an award-winning entrepreneur and the founder of EcoPod, a successful eco-friendly heating system for large buildings established in 2010. In 2013 EcoPod received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Award for Cleantech and Energy and ‘Innovator award’ at North West Business Masters Awards. Keith is the director of Thermocill limited.

Board Members


Keith Rimmer

Founder and CEO


Janet Healey

Administrative Support


Dr Amir Keshmiri


Pedram Safari

Financial Director

Thermocill in Press

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