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Thermocill™and the transition into an environmentally-conscious world

As we progress as a society, making the correct steps to combat inevitable climate change is becoming more important and people’s awareness of its importance continues to grow.

The wheels are in motion for the government, business and individuals to reach out goals of a greener future. The UK’s plans to achieve a decrease of 68% in greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the decade.

The Climate Change Act binds UK ministers to cutting 80% of emissions by 2050. With this bill being passed in parliament it has inspired other nation’s governments from around the world to follow suit by proving strong economic growth whilst cutting emissions is possible.

At Thermocill, being environmentally conscious is incredibly important to us as a business and the future of our planet. This is why our product is made from 100% UK recycled nylon, utilising materials that would otherwise be in landfills.

Our product requires zero energy to operate making it’s life expectancy between 30 - 40 years!

Thermocill helps to keep warm air in the home and cold air out, allowing minimal energy being used to heat up your property as well as saving you on your heating bill.

Our plastic free product plays a major part in the UK’s efforts to prevent climate change and our goal is to be a staple in every home in the UK and beyond.

Read more about our product here.

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