Thermocill™ brings together 'Engineering' and 'Innovation' to achieve the 'UK Net Zero' target...

  • Thermocill™ is an innovative passive device to place underneath a window board in a home. By redirecting warm air from a radiator underneath a window, up towards the window pane, a wall of warm air is created adjacent to the double-glazed window. 

  • Thermocill™ creates a wall of warm air reduces the level of cold air entering the house though the window and also minimises the level of warm air being lost through the window. Raising the air temperature around the window frames and glazing also leads to a significant reduction in condensation and moisture in those areas, which brings key health benefits.

  • Thermocill™ is suitable for both newbuild and retrofit household projects. Retrofit is an easy, straight-forward process and the device is particularly suited to social housing energy efficiency improvement schemes. 

  • Thermocill™ is an excellent partner for use with high efficient low heat source solutions like heat pumps.

  • Thermocill™ is designed and made in the UK, manufactured from 100% UK recycled waste plastic.

  • Thermocill™ holds a UK patent (1820279.6) for its design and has recently applied for an international patent, currently pending (PCT/EP2020/068295).

Watch this short video for a quick overview of our innovation.

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