1) Closed Loop Re-cycling:

Our business model is to have the Thermocill products manufactured from the plastic waste that is generated from the Borough/region/town of installation. For example 1000 houses of Thermocill equates to 7.500 meters of product x 2mm thick

 25Ibs in weight per 7.5 meters x 1000 homes = 25’000Ibs in weight, divide this number by 2000 to convert to tonnes, = 12.5 of plastic waste required to manufacture Thermocill for 1000 houses.

 This is closed loop re-recycling which will benefit the borough/region/town & the environment.


2) Trust Fund:

A trust fund complete with trustees from all walks of life is to be set-up called the “Thermocill Trust". A percentage of profit from each and every sale will be held within the trust fund, the percentage will be agreed but will be beneficial to social housing providers and councils to apply for. The trust fund is to help counter fuel poverty and homelessness within the borough/region/town of purchase. An example will be that the fund will purchase energy efficient sustainable modular housing from selected providers who meet environmental & building regulation standards for low energy homes. The borough/council/town will provide suitable land located within an area that transport for day to day living/working is seldom required, the land forms part of a community thus not isolating the occupiers, creating a home, which in-turn will allow the occupiers to gain employment, open a bank account, have an identity and new start in life. A suitable ground slab together drainage and power to connect the homes to is required from the social housing provider/council. The properties will be a minimum of two bedroom for those deemed homeless who have children. Maintaining the properties to current standards and choosing the homeless occupiers/families to occupy them will be the responsibility of the housing associations/councils. The asset will become the property of the housing association/council within the borough/town.

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